Condominium Property Management

Our core competencies cover all tasks within the field of property management. We look forward to being at your service as your experienced property management company. In the framework of our administrative functions we attend to all commercial (including bookkeeping) and technical activities. We offer the following services within the scope of our property management contract:

Commercial Property Management Services:

  • Preparing the annual financial statement (including stating of household-related services and handicraft services for the tax declaration→ §35a German Income Tax Act);
  • Preparing the economic plan;
  • Voucher auditing and at least once a year meeting with the advisory board, upon proprietors’ request, we will gladly be available to meet at the actual property;
  • Preparing, convening, executing and protocolling the annual condominium owners’ association assembly;
  • Implementing the owners’ resolutions;
  • Keeping an archive of resolutions;
  • Administrating the condominium owners’ joint reserves on a fiduciary account;
  • Monitoring the due payment of proprietors’ common charges;
  • Implementing reminder mechanisms and receivables management;
  • Communicating with proprietors and third parties via the phone and correspondence (telephone-, telefax-, copy- and postal charges will not entail an extra charge);
  • Monitoring of compliance with the house rules;
  • Cost optimisation as regards to operating and heating costs;
  • Judicial and extrajudicial enforcement of the condominium owners’ association’ claims.

Technical Property Management

  • Regular inspection of the properties;
  • Recording of requirements for maintenance and repair works;
  • Procuring and evaluating of cost estimates;
  • Commissioning and monitoring of maintenance- and repairs measures;
  • Coordinating and monitoring of service companies (for example house cleaning-, caretaking-, snow removing-, gardening-services);
  • Checking of incoming invoices.